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Compression Socks - FAQ

Woman Wearing Black Compression Socks


Some Answers To Your Questions


Q: Who should wear compression socks?

A: Compression socks are for anyone who stands or sits for a long period of time, for anyone doing sports activities or, someone with tired, achy legs. This could include office/home workers, sports enthusiasts, travelers and most everyone. They improve your circulation, which helps reduce swelling, aches, and pains and are the easy way to help achieve healthy legs.

Q: What material are your socks made from?

A: Our compression socks are made of Nylon/Spandex

Q: How do I wash my socks?

A: We recommend washing them on the gentle cycle with cold water (no higher then 40°) and mild detergent. 

Q: I've heard compression socks can be difficult to put on. Is there an easy way to put them on?

A: If your having difficulty putting your socks on, check out our video 'easy way to put on compression socks' at the bottom of the homepage

Q: OK, I've ordered my new compression socks, how soon can you ship? 

A: Shipment will go same day providing its received before 2pm (pacific time)

Q: Whats your return policy?

A: 30 day return/exchange policy on unused socks. Inform us via a quick email and a member of our team will help you with our easy process.