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Oh Dear...The Sweaty Feet Debate

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Posted on May 25 2020

Compression Socks & Sweaty Feet


Some of you may find that no matter how good your personal hygiene is, sweaty feet just seems to follow you around, resulting in an unhelpful, embarrassing issue. 

Whilst you may think your feet are the stinky culprits, it could actually be your socks or, to be more precise, your socks fabric which could be at fault. Remember, your feet should stay dry and warm. If you're wearing the common cotton socks for example, whilst they are a comfortable material, they are actually one of the worst socks for sweaty feet. This is because they cannot absorb much moisture, resulting in bacteria which causes the 'sweaty sock' smell.

This is why people searching to reduce the 'stinky' odor should look for the 3 magic words...'moisture wicking sock'. This is the sock fabric that will absorb any moisture, then 'wick' it away. Fibers that “wick” draw moisture from the surface of your skin and release it into the air, keeping the fibers and your feet dry and comfortable. 

Happy shopping and stay fresh!


Healthy Sock Shop: Moisture wicking and antimicrobial compression socks

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